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is a top favourite among our staff, it's a beautiful site with really rich diversity of hard and soft corals and marine life. Toyapakeh means salt water in Balinese, and is in front of the village of the same name on Nusa Penida's North coast. The start of the dive site is a sloping reef, moving into a small wall with ledges and drop off. After that the reef slopes again.

Currents generally run North/South here, sometimes you can have no current at all, allowing us to look out for macro life such as leaf fish, mantis shrimp, nudibranchs and ribbon eels. Sometimes there can be a fast drift and it's an exhilarating ride!

Marine life highlights here include mola mola (in season), schooling fish, marble rays, tunas and reef sharks.

The North Coast

Sekolah Dasar (SD), Ped, Sental / Pura Mas Gading (PMG), Buyuk, Sampalan

The whole of Nusa Penida's North coast is essentially one long sloping reef. You can jump in pretty much anywhere, and the dive site names refer to the reference points on land which are the start of each dive site.

In some parts the reef slopes down at about 45 degrees, and in others it's more like a staircase. All along the coast has excellent coral coverage with all the usual suspects that you would expect to find on a healthy reef: turtles, jacks, giant trevally, trigger fish, fusiliers, snapper as well as some macro finds like nudibranchs and frogfish.

Visibility along the North coast is usually great, currents can vary from non existent to a fast drift - Sometimes you'll drift more than one dive site! Usually the currents are one directional (East/West), but on the ends at Buyuk and SD they can be a little more unpredictable.

Mola mola are often spotted along the North coast in the right season, as well as several whale shark sightings each year.

Crystal Bay

Possibly one of Nusa Penida's most well known dive sites, and so called because of the often crystal clear visibility here. Crystal is a top attraction because of the mola mola that love to frequent the sites cleaning stations!

Aside from molas, the site has a lot to offer! The reef is very healthy, macro life is great if you're not too distracted by the lively reef fish too. Even whale sharks cruise by every now and then - Keep your eyes peeled here!

Manta Bay & Manta Point

These sites are on the South coast of Penida so the ride is a little longer, but you get beautiful scenery along the way.

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