At Scuba Junkie it's no secret that we're passionate about the environment, both underwater and on land, and Scuba Junkie Penida is no different.

With the help of our conservation arm, Scuba Junkie SEAS, we hold several events and themed weeks throughout the year. These events such as Manta Week, Marine Week, Turtle Week as well as one day specials such as International Clean-up day are all supported with vigour. We aim to raise awareness of the threats surrounding the ocean environment among our guests and staff, plus the locals on the island (and any members of the public who come by!). During these events we give presentations and hold workshops and outreach programmes with the local community.

We regularly participate in the weekly Trash Hero clean ups around the island.

Where possible our supplies are bought locally, supporting growers and suppliers on Nusa Penida.

We aim to keep our plastic use to an absolute minimum! We offer non plastic drinking straws, we don't sell single use plastic items such as drinks bottles, instead we offer free refills for drinking water as part of the Refill My Bottle campaign throughout Bali.

We offer diving internships for locals, growing them from people with an interest in diving to successful, safety conscious dive professionals who are passionate about their area.

We invite the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) over for our event weeks so that they can get out on the boat for their essential data collection dives, and send them our photo’s of manta ray bellies to assist with the Manta Matcher database.

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