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Home to Scuba Junkie Penida dive resort, the islands resident manta rays and visiting mola-molas.

Scuba Junkie Penida is on Nusa Penida, an island which is short boat ride away from mainland Bali across the Badung Strait. Three islands lie close together here to form this world-class diving area - From smallest to largest: Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. We're located in Nyuh village, close to Toyapakeh on the island's North coast.

Nusa Penida is more than just home to the beautiful reefs, year round manta rays and seasonal Mola-Mola (you can read more about that in the diving section). The island is HUGE - It has beautiful beaches, views to the mighty Mount Agung on Bali mainland and has a stunning cliff coastline. The island is home to sacred temples, awe inspiring view points and adventures all-round.

Fun Facts

  • Distance from Bali : 20km
  • Total size area : 200sq km
  • Highest point on the island : 520+ m
  • Religion : predominantly Hindu, with a small Muslim community in Toyapakeh village.
  • Language : The locals speak an ancient Balinese dialect spoken nowhere else in Bali. Balinese and Bahasa Indonesia is widely spoken and understood everywhere, and locals are keen to learn and improve their English.

Weather seasons

April - October is Dry Season: Typically dry season is hot and sunny, with the peak sunny months being June to October (hint - this is also Mola Mola season!). During July, August and September we also usually have refreshing Southerly breeze.

December - February is Wet season: Don't be put off! We don't have a monsoon... Rain is usually overnight or lasts for an hour or so in the afternoon. All-day rain isn't common, but does happen sometimes! We still get lots of sun in wet season. If you're visiting at this time of year then pack a rain coat, just in case!

What happens in March and November? Well, they're the in-between-season months where anything is possible! Some years they're more like wet season, some years more like dry season.

All year round air temperatures are typically 30-35 during the day, and 25-30 at night, with humidity around 80-90% all year.

The good news? Diving is awesome all year round, whatever the weather!

Nyepi and Nyepi Laut

With Bali being predominantly Hindu we have some unique holidays here.

The Saka new year is known as Nyepi here - The day of silence. During Nyepi everything closes down for 24 hours: The airport is closed, no boats are allowed to go to sea, and residents are not allowed outside of their house compound (tourists must stay inside their hotels). Local guards patrol the streets to make sure that everyone adheres to these rules. During Nyepi everyone must stay quiet (no loud music or noises), and you are not allowed to use lights - On Nusa Penida the electricity is actually switched off for the whole island! The belief is that when the island is silent, evil spirits pass straight over, fooled into thinking that nobody is there.

On the eve of Nyepi there is a parade of Ogoh-Ogoh in the streets - members of the local temples spend hours and hours making the statues that they parade with. Definitely a great one to watch and you can be as loud as you like before the silent day!

Nyepi lasts from 6am for 24 hours.

We are closed for Nyepi.

Nyepi Laut means "sea silence" - It's not as extreme as the full day of silence, but on Nyepi Laut days no boats are allowed to go to sea and no in-water activities are allowed - So that means no diving or snorkelling for us! We will let you know if the date of your stay falls over a Nyepi Laut day.

Getting Around

Bicycles can be hired on the island and are adequate for getting around to explore the villages and food options along the North coast

Motorbikes / Scooters can be hired on the island for approx Rp 75,000 per day. The roads along the North coast between Sakti to Suana villages are in good condition with fairly smooth tarmac. These roads make for a great bike ride with amazing views of Mount Agung and the seaweed farms, and there are plenty of cafes and warungs along the way if you need a pit stop.

When venturing away from the North coast around the island the road conditions can be bumpy and uneven with some very steep hills! If you're an experienced motorcyclist then you might enjoy exploring the island in this way, but if not then we'd recommend hiring a car and driver. Cars with drivers can be hired for tours around the island for single tours, half days and full days.


The currency in Indonesia is the Rupiah (IDR), or often shortened to Rp, and this is what you should prepare for your trip. Contrary to popular belief, US Dollars are not accepted anywhere in stores or restaurants. The currency has notes in denominations of Rp 100,000, Rp 50,000, Rp 20,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 5,000, Rp 2,000 and Rp 1,000. ATM machines will dispense either 50,000 or 100,000 notes, and they can fit a maximum of 25 notes through the ATM slot, so if you need a larger sum from an ATM be prepared to make several withdrawals and choose an ATM which gives 100,000 notes!

On Nusa Penida there are limited money exchange and ATM facilities, so it's best to prepare some Rupiah before your trip or make a visit to the money changer or ATM before you leave mainland Bali.

Plugs in Indonesia are 2-round pins, the same as most of Europe. You'll need a travel adaptor for chargers and appliances if they don't use this type of plug, and they can be bought on the island.

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