The coral triangle

The Triangle Between Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines is one of the most biodiverse marine habitats in the world. Strong ocean currents, deep sea trenches and sea mounts, combined with active volcanic islands have created a complex oceanographic environment that is a paradise for divers.

Nusa Penida along with its smaller sister islands; Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan lie 20km off the coast of Bali across the Badung Strait. The islands offer superb coral, fun drift dives, year round manta rays and seasonal mola mola. The area offers easy dives for those in training or new to diving, plus more challenging dives for the experienced adventure seekers.

Why dive from Nusa Penida?

The benefit of diving from Nusa Penida is that it puts you closer to the dive sites, we can arrive at the sites earlier than day trips from Bali and start diving before the crowds, ideal for the more popular dive sites such as Manta Point and Crystal Bay. Diving from here we can also dive with the tides, picking the best times to do certain sites and maximise (or avoid) the currents.

The seasons - When's the best time to see manta's and molas?

Manta's are around during all months of the year and we can visit the dive sites that they call home when the swells aren't too big. We'll aim to get you to the manta sites during your trip as long as the conditions allow.

Mola mola are around when the cooler waters rise up from the Lombok Strait between June and October each year. That's not the only time you can see them, we get our fair share of out of season sightings as well!

Water temperature

Nusa Penida's sites have a wide temperature range - it varies throughout the year and from site to site. Here's a rough guide, but sometimes it's best to email us and check just before your trip in case.

June to October: Temperature range from 20-25 degrees
This is definitely the cooler water season (but this is when the mola-mola come out to play!). A 5mm wetsuit is recommended and if you feel the cold you may also want to bring an extra vest or thermal rash vest or even a hood.

November to May: Temperature range from 25-29 degrees
There will be days where the ocean take us by surprise and gives us a cooler dive during this period too. But in general a 3mm suit is comfortable for these months.


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