Diving with Scuba Junkie

Diving the Scuba Junkie way

Diving with Scuba Junkie means that certain things are a given. Our professional team have your safety as their top concern. Groups are no bigger than 4 divers per guide, and your guide will be a PADI Divemaster or Instructor. Groups are also organised according to certification and experience level, ensuring you get the most out of every dive.

Having as little impact on the marine environment comes a close second in terms of our priorities... All of the dive professionals at Scuba Junkie will also brief you on how to get the most out of each dive site by following correct protocols and respecting the marine environment. When you adhere to these protocols, you have longer and more memorable encounters underwater.

Last but definitely not least - We'll ensure you have great FUN on all your dives and our friendly crew will always be waiting for you at the end of the day to log your dives

The diving day

After a tasty breakfast at the resort we head out for diving at 8am, and we go out for three dives. At very low tide we may have to leave a little earlier or later, but we'll be sure to let you know the evening before if that's the case. A short ride in the pick up from the resort, we board the dive boat at Banjar Nyuh harbour - very close to Nusa Penida's most stunning coral dive site - Toyapakeh! Boat rides are anything from two to forty five minutes, the longer rides to the South allow you to enjoy Nusa Penida's amazing scenery on the way.

Once on the boat we'll give you an orientation and boat briefing, you will give your dive gear one last check and then we are off to the dive sites!

Arriving at the first dive site of the day our professional team will give you an informative dive briefing, telling you everything you need to know about the site, marine life protocols, the currents and how to enjoy the dive site safely.

In our first surface interval we'll drive to the second dive site and moor up and have some refreshments. After the second dive site we'll eat lunch on the boat.

Occasionally we may come back to the beach in between dives two and three, but not always, so if you're planning on doing just two dives then you are welcome to snorkel the third site (or add on the third dive on the spot!).


All of our equipment has been selected with our area in mind...
Our custom-made comfy BCD's are made from rugged material and have lots of D-rings for your camera or other accessories. Every rental BCD has a surface buoy and a whistle in the pocket, just in case.
We offer 5mm long wetsuits to accommodate Penida's temperature range.
We have Mares open heels fins with dive boots for maximum comfort in Nusa Penida's conditions.

We provide Suunto dive computers to all students and they are available to rent for certified divers.

Our tanks are 12L aluminium, if you have a DIN regulator or will be diving sidemount just let us know during your booking.

Dive boats

We use fibreglass speedboats for diving to get you to the dive sites quickly and safely.

Our boats have lifejackets, marine radios, GPS, emergency oxygen and first aid kits on board. If you break a mask or fin strap, or chomp through your mouthpiece, we've got that covered too.

We bring drinking water, tea, coffee and snacks on board.

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