Dive Sites - East


This dive site starts in from of Semaya One beach club, the topography is interesting here with sandy patches in the shallows sloping off to a steep coral reef. There's a great variety of hard corals at this site as well as some large coral bommies. There's usually a gentle drift here allowing us to cruise along looking at the red tooth triggers, bluefin trevally, turtles and batfish. Macro is also good here with frogfish, shrimps, crabs and nudi's to be found.

Molas have also been known to cruise by here!


Named after the traditional fishing village on Penida's East coast the beach is lined with sail boats. We jump in over a shallow sloping reef and swim with the reef on our right side leading to a coral wall below the 12m depth. The reef is lively here and you can spot turtles, schooling red tooth triggers, trevally, morays plus some awesome macro life.


The entry point for this dive site is in front of the entry to Goa Giri Putri (cave temple). The start of the dive is a steep sloping reef with sandy ledges and large bommies, as we swim along the reef slope becomes more gentle but still has lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Look under big bommies for juvenile reef sharks and keep your eye on the blue for tunas or eagle rays.


This site often gives us a fast drift and is great fun! The sloping coral reef has awesome coral and sponge coverage from 3m to down to 40m depth and beyond. Look for sea snakes, turtles, trevally, tuna, morays or just relax and enjoy the ride!

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