Dive Sites - South

Manta Bay

This huge bay on Penida's South West side is a great spot to see manta rays - It's a feeding area for them so they are often close to the surface, making it a great site for both snorkelers and divers. The bay has sandy patches and flat rocky ridges encrusted with coral, with some larger coral bommies scattered around. It's a very gradual slope so we usually dive to a max depth of 20m here, but the site does extend deeper for those up for a swim! When not looking for mantas this is a great site for octopus, cuttlefish, bamboo sharks, nudibranchs and in the colder season (June to October) we can see spotted wobbegong.

Manta Point

Manta Point is a popular site as it's a manta cleaning station. The topography is similar to Manta Bay in parts with a sandy patch, flat rocky ledges and outcrops with encrusting corals. This site also has some big boulders and larger bommies. The cleaning station itself is shallow (5-10m) so we generally start here and have a quick look for mantas, and then swim into the deeper part of the site (max depth 30m), and then make our way back to the cleaning station towards the end of the dive. Waiting at the cleaning station can make for a very entertaining safety stop!

East Manta Point

Essentially an extension of Manta Point as it's in the same bay, we often see mantas cruising around in the shallows here if they're not visiting the nearby cleaning station. Located to the East of the main cleaning station this site has sandy patches and big boulders and bommies and we have also seen mantas being cleaned here. Like at Manta Point we can also see bamboo sharks, stingrays and unusual nudibranchs at this site.

Bat Island

Bat Island lies to the South of Manta Point on the edge of the bay. It's so called as there was once a colony of bats on this rock! The dive site is a pinnacle for advanced divers (due to the depth). We descend to the first plateau at 16m and then explore the different levels all the way down to 30m. Depending on the current direction we generally dive on one side of the pinnacle, swimming between the coral bommies looking for bamboo sharks under ledges as well as the trevally which hang out here. The site also has really good macro, and as we swim over towards the North side of the pinnacle we look out into the blue for cruising mantas on their way to the cleaning station. We have even seen whale sharks pass by here!


This site has awesome topography and lies to the West of Manta Point. It has large boulders and swim throughs and we can also see manta rays here as well as several species of sharks. Macro life is also really good here so remember to look down as we swim through the boulder garden on the way to the sandy bottom at the end of the site.

An advanced site due to the depth.

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